Zazzle update: Starry shoes (and cloudy ones, too)

I have done a lot on Zazzle in the past week, but I’ve been forcing myself to wait and make Saturday my update day. Theoretically I should be doing more there during the week, anyway (since my job’s half time, I stay and work on Zazzle in the afternoons – costs a lot less to catch a ride in the evening with my bro than in the afternoon on light rail! 😉 )

I finished playing catch-up, posting products on images I had already had on my deep space gallery, and then posted products for these four new images, released this year.

Hickson Compact Group 31 Poster Print The Landscape of Carina Poster Print
Carina's 'Mystic Mountain' in Infrared Poster Print Carina's 'Mystic Mountain' Poster Print

But of course, I couldn’t stop there. Zazzle has added all kinds of new products over the year I’ve been away, and somebody suggested I should try adding shoes. Yeah, shoes with stars and galaxies and nebulae. Weird, right? But that’s what I’ve been doing, and I have to admit that there are some of them that I really like. Some are more ‘normal’ looking – a little texture, a little sparkle, but only a little. Some are not normal looking at all. And some have me thinking “art student in Portland – no, wait, art student anywhere or any student in Portland.” 😛

Here are some of my favorites. I’ve completed a set of ladies’ lace-up shoes (and one slip-on). I have several other styles to go before I’ve a complete shoe line, but I’ll get there. Of course, I might make a detour for business cards and binders along the way.

Dwarf Galaxy Holmberg IX Women's Shoes Cassiopeia A Women's Shoes Star-Forming Region LH 95 Women's Shoes
Star Cluster NGC 346 Women's Shoes Orion Nebula (M42) Women's Shoes Elliptical Galaxy NGC 1316 Women's Shoes
The 'Snake' Women's Shoes Spiral Galaxy M81 Women's Shoes Orion Nebula Composite Women's Shoes

Things like shoelaces, stitching color, and stuff are all customizable, so that’s cool too. What do you think – thumbs-up or just too weird?


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