Not-so-fiery Fire Bowl

Teriyaki is an amazing flavor, done right. (This comes from someone whose primary experience of teriyaki derives from frozen dinners.) I always forget how delicious a bowl of teriyaki stir-fry chicken is when I haven’t had one for a while.

Fire Bowl Café, where we went for a coworker’s birthday lunch, did an okay job of ‘Asian-American stir-fry bowl’, and they even let me sub in rice noodles for the rice, but it just didn’t taste like teriyaki. Plus it was a little bland, though hot sauce fixed that (after which any trace of teriyaki-ness was gone, but that ship sailed from a different port anyway, I think). To be fair, I used tofu instead of chicken, but I don’t think it should have made that much difference.

…Should have just gotten the veggie spring rolls. I’m addicted to spring rolls/egg rolls/etc. 🙂


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