Addendum to computer configuration

It turns out you don’t actually have to copy the VAIO Care stuff, unless I’m missing something that I don’t even know about. There’s a place on the Sony website where you can download the most updated version (I think it was listed as an ‘update’, but it did install the program without a hitch, so it wasn’t just a patch).

When I got it reinstalled, I noticed that the Assist button wasn’t opening VAIO Care. Then I noticed that the Fn buttons weren’t working, either. It turns out there is one program among all of the unnecessary Sony stuff that you really will want; the VAIO Event Service runs the Fn buttons along with the top Assist, Display Off, and VAIO buttons. When I installed that and restarted, they worked again. So, point of note.

I have not changed any of the settings for the video card, although I’ve read somewhere that it’s underclocked (set slower than the NVIDIA stock settings). It works fine for what I’ve done so far, but that’s nothing more intense than Final Fantasy VIII — try installing that program on your computer, the system requirements are so cute! 😀

It does make me a little nervous to mess with clock speeds; I’ve never overclocked anything and don’t know much about what the settings do. I do know that overclocking when or how you shouldn’t can destroy a perfectly good computer. (It can overheat and melt the hardware. There’s no recovering a system from that.) On top of that, I can’t figure out where people find the stock settings — I’ve seen them posted on user forums, but never on NVIDIA or Sony. How do I know what the settings ‘ought’ to be?


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