“…So juicy sweeeet!”

Oh Ataulfa, you are the mango of all mangoes. Other mangoes owe you their allegiance, for you are their queen.

Seriously, if Taylor’s Gold is the wine of pears (and it is), Ataulfa is the wine of mangoes. This is the flavor that a mango is supposed to have; this is the closest thing to (my memory of) the ones that I ate straight from a backyard tree in Suva, Fiji. They look different on the outside (ataulfas are smaller and yellow-skinned rather than the typical green & red skin), but the flavor is so rich, so golden sweet that their flesh must be twins. A golden flavor to match the golden skin (the skin turns from a pale yellow to a rich, saturated gold – just shy of orange – when it’s ripe).

In other news…I bought the laptop, I bought the laptop, I bought the laptop! $900 plus tax from Best Buy, and I should have it Wednesday. Oh man, I’m going to spend so much time setting it up and playing on my shiny new computer. 😀


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