On a disappointing stout

Alright, it’s certain. I can’t pretend anymore.

I do not like Guinness.

I said it. I always want to give it another chance, because it’s often the only dark beer of any kind that bars around here have on tap.

Speaking of which, shame on them! This is Colorado, we have fantastic local breweries with some pretty delicious porters and stouts – I mean, just try an Oak Aged Yeti from Great Divide, or a Left Hand Milk Stout, or a Breck Vanilla Porter.

Guinness is foamy flavored water compared to any of those. Or, really, compared to itself. It’s a stout, right? Aren’t those supposed to have body? I thought Guinness was supposed to be a beer to chew on, but it’s thinner than half the amber microbrews here. It makes IPA look good, and I don’t as a rule like a beer whose color is lighter than chocolate brown (with the exception of New Belgium’s Skinny Dip on a hot summer day).

Shame on you, Guinness!

Alright, rant off.


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