Book five of a really famous series, check

[probable spoiler alert]

I finished the Order of the Phoenix on Saturday. …Sirius…and I so like your name… Anyway, the prophecy clearly has a bit of wiggle room, what with the fact they’ve both been alive for a year, and the same was true of the first year after he was born. Must be a longer-term sort of thing, like there’s a timer ticking down the weeks till one of them kills the other. Of course, it might not mean that one of them has to kill the other, just that that’s how it’s going to wind up…and now it’s just starting to look like a self-fulfilling prophecy. Well done, Sybill, well done.

It was a nice touch, Rowling tossing that mirror in there. I kind of hate it, and it’s kind of brilliant. Remember how I was saying that the series is like RPGs in how the characters get exactly what they need, when they need it? She twisted it! I just wonder when Harry’s going to realize that, nope, Dumbledore’s wrong, it really is Harry’s fault – since he could have just checked the mirror, if he had bothered to open it and realize that he didn’t have to go sneaking around the professors’ offices to check in on Sirius. I was a little disappointed that he didn’t realize it in Order. I would have, and kicked myself all the way to frozen Cocytus about it.


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