Magic carrot and Balamb-Hogwarts parallels

But the servants did know, and they applauded loudly in the kitchen. [pauses, frowning at the text] And they said unto the Lord, “How the hell did you do that?!” and inquired of Him, “do you do children’s parties?”

And the Lord said, “No.”

But the servants did press Him, saying, “Go on, give us another one.”

And so He brought forth a carrot, and said, “Behold this, for it is a carrot.”

And all about Him knew that it was so, for it was orange, with a green top.

*Wiping tears* I am never getting over that sketch. For it was or-ange.

Okay. … I finished Goblet of Fire this evening. This series feels oddly familiar…like…when there were these students at this “Garden” and they thought they were just training to be elite magic-wielding fighting-squads-cum-mercenaries, and it turns out that all along they were really there in case the Super Evil Sorceress came back, which of course she does, in various ways before she finally pretty much takes over the world by destroying the fabric of spacetime. And your little clique of three fighters in their late teens unwittingly become the leaders of the “Garden” and of the fight against the Super Evil Sorceress, who they eventually kill personally, because everyone else was about as helpful as a Raggedy Ann doll. And along the way you never fight someone you have no chance of defeating (unless someone stronger is hiding offscreen to revive you), and you always find what you need before you need it, and you never find things that seem important but prove to be completely useless.

I guess there was that Gum Pod in Dragon Warrior IV, but that never seemed useful…it was just that it took extra effort to get. And there are differences, sure, but it really reads like an rpg. It’s like if you made a book out of Final Fantasy VIII. Sure, I need a lot more pages to get it to book length, but I think the above is a decent summary. Oh, hey, and there’s even a minor parallel between good guys who fall under mind control by the enemy, OOH and it’s even because they tried to use a magical object and the enemy used it against them instead!

(Ok, I’ll stop.) But that said, I do like rpgs.

Also, I’m not saying either one is more or less original than the other or that either one took material from the other. Just pointing out parallels where I see them. 🙂


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