Snow and wizards

So, we did not go to work on Wednesday … there had been nine or ten inches of snow. But when I looked out at my street (a one-way, smallish but decently travelled), it just looked wet. Plenty of snow on the curbs and what passes for lawns, but we could have gone, I’m sure. It’s not my car, though, and others had decided that the office was “closed.” So we didn’t go. I had a few emails to answer after that, on Thursday, just a ‘few.’ And Thursday afternoon the printer decided it didn’t want to work. Most of my job comprises printing. Oi.

One more day, and then the coworker will be back. I don’t think there are too many profiles to ship Monday. (I hope not; I have a ton of new groups to make folders for.)

In other news, I’m almost 200 pages into Goblet of Fire. Is it me, or did the film director skip 90% of the first part of the book and just pick up with Hogwarts Express? I may have spoken too soon about the Harry Potter books being quick reads; while the pages are still flying by, the book itself is more than twice as thick as its predecessor, and dangerously close to three times the length of the first. So instead of taking most of a Saturday, it’ll take half a Saturday, much of a Sunday, and probably a few hours scattered over the following days. Goodness. Nice, though, it does seem a bit more complex than the others. (But maybe that’s just because it’s taken 200 pages to get on with the story, already.)


2 thoughts on “Snow and wizards

  1. Yay Harry Potter!
    How are you finding the books? Are you enjoying them?
    I remember when they first came out we used to moan about how long it takes him to get to Hogwarts. We always wanted to skip to the point when he’s at the castle, but you’d miss out on epic plot building if you did 😦
    If you think this is long, wait until you get to OOTP x_x

  2. I’m definitely enjoying them, though I’m only on books that I’ve seen the movies of so far. I’ve seen the first four films, so I’m close to getting some new story now. Beyond the parts the producers couldn’t fit in a reasonable-length film.

    It definitely seems like Rowling had gotten the hang of this writing thing by book 4; I can’t decide whether or no that’s a good thing. It’s like she got used to the writing but couldn’t quite push herself to learn that “cutting” part of editing. I mean really, 734 pages – concision, this is not. 😛

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