Give me anything but the phone

Very soon I will be subbing for a coworker who is vacationing out of the country. Hmm. Besides being a mite jealous (I haven’t really travelled anywhere for two and a half years now! aside from moving to Colorado from the flat, cloudy Great Lakes region, that is), I’m a little anxious. This manifests as extreme frustration which I keep entirely to myself…not over anything about the job, hardly, except for one thing: the phones. She is the first person to answer the phones, and she takes questions from our associates herself, too. I have to do that while she’s away, and I only started a few weeks ago so I don’t even know most of the answers yet (as I’m not very familiar with the questions…and if they don’t ask for someone in particular, but I haven’t got the answer, who to send them to…and so forth).

But mainly, I hate phones.



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