Themania (“theme-mania”): undue obsession with superficial blog design designed by someone else

Three times in a row, I have changed the ‘theme’ for this blog as soon as a new one was available.

First was monochrome, which had a lot more dark gray, is a three-column layout and is wonderfully organized. Still, it felt a little dark, being crowded in by charcoal gray from both sides. Second, which I just switched from, was a more fluid, aqua-blue-green theme called Motion. I like it, but with a small resolution it’s right up against the edges of my screen. I like a buffer space. Also, it’s better to have neutral colors when you might post photographs and want them to look good. The current theme is Titan. Much lighter, but very neutral, very clean. I like that I can display both my “pages” (About) and my “categories” (all the others up on the nav bar).

Among others, I must admit I’m tempted by Ocadia. But I’ll stick with Titan for now. It’s behaving a bit more nicely with my screen resolution, at least, though Dinosaur Comics are squeezed even tighter to fit in the little content column.

If I figure out where to link to, I’ll link to dedicated theme pages so you can, if you so choose, see what these themes are that I’m talking about.


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