Long day

I just had a really long day sitting in on a seminar for work. It was the workshop that our associates do to present, explain, & demonstrate the profile that is our main product. It was good, tiring (it’s supposed to be that), and then I got a glass of wine (which I guess they’re paying me to have stayed to drink), so I guess it evened out a bit. Seems like a cool crowd who were there today – and will be at our office this week to get certified as associates themselves – but then what do I know, social idiot that I am?

At any rate, I’m tired and can’t really even give a summary or thoughts on the day right now. That’s to be expected, of course. I’m tri-modal (I have a committee in my head, or so I’m told), and I’m on the quiet end of expressiveness (so I want what I’m going to say to be pretty well articulated before I say it).

So, good night.


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