Filters for photos (in GIMP, unfortunately)

You might not realize how much you miss Photoshop until you’re working in GIMP and go looking for that one little filter that just does exactly what you want right now. With photographs that I’m editing as photographs, that’s usually Channel Mixer. Man. Color balance and broken-down saturation sliders are okay, but they just can’t always cut it. But Photoshop also has a slew of options for making an illustration out of a photograph. One in particular made for a great “poster” style image, where basically you set the number of distinct colors in the image, the fidelity and sharpness of edges, and it’s kind of like turning the photo into a construction paper cutout drawing. Maybe that was the name of it — “cutout.” “Posterize” in GIMP is no good (neither was Photoshop’s, in my opinion), and the “cartoon-ize” filter is an absolute joke.

At any rate, these are examples of a couple of the more decent filters in GIMP. The first is “newsprint” — it simulates the style of image that you have to use for thin crappy newspaper that can’t handle more than three or four colors, and it looks like it can do pretty well at it. The second is a “cubism” filter, which really looks nothing like cubist art – it just block-ifies your image with shapes like diamonds, to what degree of clarity (via object size) you choose. It’s interesting, but reminds me a little too much of the fuzzy images you see on some sappy notecards (complete with cutesy quotes – the less funny precursors to “I can has cheezburger”).

As far as the content of the photos, this is Sharay. She was one of my roommates during my senior year of college. See also this.

With 'newsprint' filter set to rgb.

Sharay sans filter.

With 'cubism' filter at a very small size. But I say it's reminiscent of impressionism (and not at all of cubism). It's a cubimpressionism filter.

No filter.

These images ©Arestelle.


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