Oh, restaurant week…

…you give me so much food, and it is so delicious.

I just got back from:

a) my first day (half day) at the new job, which was more or less as expected. Administrative assistant-y things, printing, sorting, binding booklets, attempting to figure out why the computer insists that it is still the computer of the previous person who used it…stuff like that.

b) an afternoon walking around downtown in the cold, cold weather. There was some extremely buttery coffee cake and (Hershey’s, I suspect) hot chocolate as well.

c) supper at a Brazilian steakhouse downtown, where I had endless everything (except dessert — just one of those, dang it; I wanted cheesecake and chocolate mousse). There was fried polenta, fried platanos, smoked salmon, sausages, flank steak, pork loin covered in parmesan, fine cheeses, filet mignon, more steak, and cheesecake. All served a slice here, a smallish chunk there, so you get a bit of everything and three waiters coming by with ribs or bacon wrapped chicken or top sirloin all in rapid succession, and you eat too much. But it tastes delicious.

(Answer: true. And now it’s late, I’m tired, I haven’t had me time all day, and I need to go to bed so I can get up again tomorrow early.)


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