Comment spam: Dumb code in action

Oh, comment spam:

my God, i thought you were going to chip in with some decisive insght at the end there, not leave it with �we leave it to you to decide�.

…how stupid you are. Come on, at least learn to write your own code, comment spammer, so that you can make your bot check whether the post in question (or any post on the victim blog) contains the phrase you purport to quote. It’s not that hard — I’m not a real programmer and I know how to do it, basically; it’s a simple RegExp command. Or hey, you could get creative and find the last sentence (my gears are turning…I think I have an idea how to do this, too), and quote that. Then you’d actually be quoting something I wrote! (But you’d never know it, since you’ve never even seen my blog. Still, if you’re going to use code, use it right.)

The spambot was attempting to plug a website which, based on its domain, is completely unrelated to anything I have ever posted. Just like the other spam comment that I’m not quoting (which had a notably similar domain and was posted within the same minute). But there’s a rule for that, right?

Incidentally, the comments were both directed, as always, at posts that contain no text at all beyond the title: xkcd favorites. (Maybe I should stop posting & linking those? …but…but, that’s…I can’t quit xkcd! …damn.)


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