Freelance update No. 17 (or 6)

I have yet another file to edit — this one’s from a different country, an English-speaking country. The grammar and spelling are overall markedly better, but the file was riddled with typos, so the spellcheck took twice as long as I expected. These were typed comments to start with, clearly. The last sets contained some (I think a lot) handwritten comments transcribed by typists. Those had genuine spelling errors far more than typos (like simple inversion of two letters in a word).

On the other hadn hand ( 🙂 ), the comments themselves are much easier to proof. Much longer, too. Anyway, I’m seeing more comprehensible comments with fewer flag-worthy issues, so I’m moving a bit faster on this set. Not much, but I think the “12.75-hour” file will take more like 8-9 hours. Nice to know I’m paid on the words-per-hour estimate. It’s like bid jobs where you’re actually held to your bid price (on both ends).

Also, I’m still pretty stoked about the 40% off trouser jeans from yesterday. Man. Thirty-five dollars for a brand new pair of nice Gap jeans. Also they’re the newer hip-slung cut, which may have earned itself a fast fan right there. We’ll see after I’ve worn them a couple of times (next week, to my new job 🙂 ).

I have used two smilies in one post. I believe that is my quota. (Wait, no, a quota is a minimum, right? I mean it’s time to sign off.) Cheers.


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