Deals, freebies, and sticky rice noodles

It’s getting late. I’m tired. But: I got me some good deals today. I went downtown earlier, thinking I’d try on some pants at Gap, come home, and order one or two pair online to take advantage of 25% off (online only). Well, sirs, well. The store one-upped the website — just for today, Presidents’ Day, everything in the store was 40% off. Forty percent!

I spent two hours and only bought one pair of pants, a low rise denim trouser. I wanted more jeans, but ones I can wear to work and look nicer than my usual jeans. I found a great pair of dress pants in the same cut, but decided I haven’t got enough of a use for them to buy them now. (Jeans are a pretty common feature at the office where I’ll be working, and the guys get away with ordinary jeans, not even nice ones, regularly.) Maybe I’ll kick myself later though. The pants did look pretty nice.

But then, it was about time for supper. I had a BOGO coupon for Noodles & Co (a ‘gift’ for joining the email list), but the girl at the counter let me use it for just a free dish, so I didn’t even have to buy anything — and I got tofu added for free. They usually charge $2 for a protein, so I was well pleased. 🙂 Incidentally, they apparently have no comprehension of how to properly cook rice noodles. But the spicy peanut dish tasted pretty good anyway, so I won’t mind going back to try to Japanese pan noodles when I get my coupon for a free birthday dish.

Just don’t think of the delicious Pad Thai you may have eaten at a place like Thai Basil, where the rice noodles actually resemble rice noodles, and it’ll be good. (To be fair, there was a long trip home between me getting the noodles and me eating the noodles, but not enough to account for their solidly stuck-together-ness.)


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