An oceanic theme and a welcome offer

I am again trying out a new theme. I like the teal and the semi-transparencies and stuff, but I’m unconvinced. My screen resolution is 1024 pixels wide, and I have no buffer space to speak of on the left or right of the main elements. I like buffer space. I especially want buffer space when the text column is on the far left (or far right, I guess, but it’s worse when it’s cramped against the left edge, for some reason). Other than that, I like, and maybe with a higher res. it would be better. The preview showed a decent margin on either side. I am also disappointed (as often) to see that images get cut off rather than auto-sized to the column width. I have some fixing to do…

In other news, after interviewing and taking the hiring assessment on Wednesday (which assessment I dominated…only missed a couple questions throughout all the timed sections, which I think I wasn’t supposed to be able to complete in the allotted time), the company offered me the position. Again it’s part time, for now, but the pay is decent and I get a title fancier than my job, so that’s cool. I have a little time before I start, so … time to finish a book or two! (And maybe go buy some nice clothes…?)


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