Piano for Friday: Arni Village – Another World

This is “Another Arni” from Chrono Chross — yep, another video game theme. Play it. It’s a very simple piece, but I think it’s a good illustration of why Chrono Chross has the best soundtrack of any video game that I have yet heard — and why I think any I haven’t yet heard is going to have a hard time sounding even a little better. CC has some addictively pretty tunes, some delicate, some lively, some haunting. I would be happy to have one of the two overworld themes as my personal background music to life in general.

This is one of the better renditions of a CC piece that I’ve found on YouTube. In many, the melody gets lost because the pianist plays the ‘background’ harmonies too loudly. Not so, here. Go on, play it, play it.


2 thoughts on “Piano for Friday: Arni Village – Another World

  1. Hello there, thanks for the kind words on my playing. I just now noticed that you had embedded my video here (was looking under Statistics & Data on YouTube and it showed it). Thank you very much and I’m glad you enjoyed it, I’m also a big fan of Chrono Cross music. Have a great day! =)

  2. Thanks for the comment – glad you found my post. 🙂 I just realized that I didn’t link your youtube channel, which I try to do when I embed folks’ videos. So here it is. See you’ve posted a decent bit of Chopin; I’ll have to have a listen.

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