Pleasant surprises

The manager for my freelance project sent the PO this morning — that’s their detailed printout with the project title, how much I worked and my rate, multiplied out to get my total fee. I wasn’t sure exactly how they’d treat the projects, since they took significantly less time than the company’s estimate. So it was a pleasant sight to see that they’re paying me based on a low estimate of words edited per hour (5000/hr), which means they’re paying me for 5 more hours than the project took. Nice!

In other pleasant surprises, my birthday’s coming up soon and thanks to a Christmas gift from a coworker (Starbucks gift card), I know that Starbucks gives a free drink for your birthday. You have to register the card, but it doesn’t even matter if it’s old or empty, I think; just register it anyway. So I decided to check if there are other places giving out free birthday food. Indeed, there are. Most require you to sign up for email offers/newsletters, but hey, that’s what my alternate email is for! I signed up for a few others:

Daphne’s Greek Cafe – free entree. I’m in Denver, and I know there’s a Daphne’s at 6th and Broadway, but it doesn’t show up as an option on the site. I selected Boulder as my favorite location; we’ll see how it works.
Spicy Pickle – free sandwich if you buy a fountain drink.
Caribou Coffee – free drink.
Cold Stone Creamery – free scoop of ice cream with one mix-in. There aren’t any locations close in to Denver, but the job I just interviewed for is near a location, so I figured I might as well sign up and if I’m in the area, hey free ice cream.
Noodles & Company – free entree. I’ve never been there, so they might even win a customer, if they’re good. I know there’s one near the Tattered Cover in LoDo…

There is also a deal for Ben & Jerry’s and maybe one for Sonic, but I’m not close enough to make it worth it. There’s also a deal for Lamar’s Donuts, but you have to get some kind of card from the store first…they’re not as ubiquitous as Starbucks, so we’ll see if I take the trouble to go down to 6th and Kalamath. They do make a fine donut, and rumor has it they tend to give free donuts to try to get you to come back if you don’t go in very often.

I’d love to find some more places that are the walk-in type (not a sit-down restaurant) that give a whole meal or entree for free, no strings. For now, I’ll try out Daphne’s and Noodles & Co.


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