Unusually casual interview

Normally, when you go for an interview, isn’t the interviewer supposed to ask you questions? You know, beyond “do you have questions” and “does this sound like something you want to do”? They’re supposed to ask you to describe yourself, what you did at your last job, your weaknesses, your greatest accomplishment, etc.

…Because she didn’t. She told me about the job, I offered a little info about the application processing I did last year, in response to which she asked if there had been a process previously (yes, but they didn’t have it very streamlined), and she asked if I had any questions. I will grant that I’ve taken the company’s profile (and, now, their hiring assessment), which gives them a lot more information about how I most naturally think, interact, and work than most employers ever know about their employees — even while they’re employed. (Case in point: I have a recent recommendation letter saying that I have superb flexibility, which I really, really don’t. I guess I pretend well?) But aren’t they still supposed to ask q’s and have you repeat a laundry list of accomplishments and stuff?

Well, I hate the typical questions (half are like a memory test and half seem overly subjective and circumstantial), so I was sitting in anticipation the whole time, and they never came. I was worried that I must’ve done poorly because I didn’t find a way to answer those questions despite their being unasked, but I’m told that’s not so. And that the interviewer isn’t very experienced or knowledgeable wrt interviewing & hiring. I am also told that most of the typical interview questions are crap and are only asked because the interviewer “wants to like you” (or wants you to make her like you).


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