Interview and a TED Talk

Well, this second set of files isn’t taking nearly as long, page for page or word for word, as the first file did. So what the manager said was probably 15-20 hours’ worth will likely be under 13. Which is less pay, but timing-wise turned out to be better; I just (mid-day) got an interview lined up for tomorrow morning. It’s in an office with <10 employees, half of whom I already know (though I don’t know the interviewer), and all of whom would rank higher than me. Not a surprise, since they’ve all worked there 2+ years and I haven’t yet worked anywhere (full-time, anyway) for 2 years. Since I have basically no idea how to prep well for an interview, I suppose my best recourse is to post a TED Talk and call it a post (and a night).

This is a more academic talk, albeit one with very practical implications for policy aimed at combating AIDS; I watched it in an economics class. And man, this girl is clever.


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