Internet trials and freelance progress

I did not post anything on Saturday. For shame. Actually, I would have been happy to post a TED Talk or some musings on Saturday evening, if only the internet in my building had been functioning. It went down (sort of) by 3 p.m. and was not back up until at least 8:30 this morning. Over 40 hours. I had to go and buy some Dazbog coffee in order to get online this morning. (Well, ok, I could have walked to the library, but that’s a 20-minute walk and it was snowing.)

By “sort of,” I mean it was doing the Linksys router thing. If you aren’t familiar with it, every Linksys router (at least the four or so that I’ve encountered) suffers the same flaw. It works for some time — days, weeks, maybe months — and then one minute it kicks you off. The signal is still strong, often the strongest possible, but you cannot fully connect because either a) the attempt stalls and you don’t get assigned an IP address, or b) the attempt stalls and you don’t get assigned a network address. Either way, no intarwebz for you. Either way, the fix (always temporary) takes less than half a minute: find and unplug power to router; wait a few seconds; reconnect power to router; wait a moment while your intarwebz are magically restored. For some reason, forcing the router to reset in this way clears whatever was jamming up the connection. I don’t really know what’s going on, I just know it’s annoying, but an easy fix, but will repeat itself in due time.

And by “I had to … get online this morning,” I mean I actually had a responsibility to take care of that couldn’t wait until the manager got off his bum and reset the router. I finally had some comments to edit for the freelance project. I started at the office on Friday and finished working on the file (offline) over the weekend, but I’d promised to upload it and update the project manager this morning. So I did that.

Now I have four more files to work on (overall totalling about 1.5x the word count of the first file). The manager sent them a couple hours after I posted the finished file. So, cool.


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