Freelancing delay

I attended a ‘training’ session on Monday for the editing gig; we (four of us – recent grads all – two creative writing majors, a psych major/writing minor, and me, miss philosophy) spent most of an hour waiting for them to sort out a problem with the wifi, the second hour going over the edits that we’re to make and practicing as a group, the third hour on lunch, and the fourth hour practicing some more. And that was all.

It certainly is going to be light editing. We just add a period at the end of the comments if it’s missing, correct typos, bleep out names and expletives, and flag completely indecipherable text and issues like allegations of violence, illegal or unethical conduct, and so forth. Thing is, there are only three flags, one for names, one for legibility issues, and one for legal/ethical issues.

We were supposed to start on the project itself yesterday, but the client delayed until (presumably) today, and now until Friday. I guess I don’t mind too much, but I worry that if it gets pushed back much farther, I may be asked to go for an interview somewhere on a day when they want us to come to the office to edit. In experience, that’s unlikely — I only have a couple of applications out right now — but it is still a possibility. On the plus side, it sounded like the company may have a lead on a second project that we could work on if this one goes well.

As to applications, I have one out for an office position at a small law firm (which I need to follow up on, as it’s been a week-ish). And just last evening I put in my application for a position at the University of Denver. Fingers crossed on that one…the jd was a bit fuzzy on the details, but it sounds like something I could definitely do, and the listed qualifications were well within my experience. And it’s DU – I so want some free programming and math classes. And physics. And an excuse to take piano lessons there.


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