An overdue DP update

I went a long time without making much progress at Distributed Proofreaders; at work I was busy, and outside work I was moving and then took a hiatus. In the last week, though, I’ve gone back and started up again.

I’ve proofed 78 pages total in P2 (second round) now, most of which are “P3 Qual” projects. That means they skip the immense queue for the third round and get proofed much quicker; so I can see how I did much quicker; so I can apply to work in P3 myself much sooner. I’ve proofed about 60 pages in the second round that needed some kind of edit or note, so I’m over the 50-page minimum. I just need to proof another dizaine pages and I’ll have proofed 400 pages between the two rounds. Then I can apply for P3 and help dig in to that queue.

I may, once I’ve applied for that, start working on formatting again. It’s something different and I’ll need to format 350 more pages if I should decide to try my hand at second-round formatting, which has an even bigger backlog than the proofing rounds. On va voir.

Here are a few of the projects I’ve worked on:
– A traveler’s account of his “rambles” in Greece
– A couple of histories in French
– A tale following a family through a popular revolution (in English, but I think it’s a translation from French)
– Memoirs of an Italian artist

…You should go try it, too. You might just like it.


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