Resurrection (hopefully)

Wow. You would think that I had found the edge of the internet and fallen off it.

After my last post, the applications never really slowed down for the upcoming programs at my organization. In fact, there were more than ever. Our outreach person found a contact at a community center for refugees. They sent us a good 50 or so applicants, many of whom struggle with English (understatement). That made for some interesting days trying to explain even the simple questions on the paperwork they had to fill out…not to mention the placement test.

By the time that finally slowed down, we started taking applications for the full-year program that starts in February. And then for the seasonal programs. And then I was trying to write guides and tips for the next person who’d sit at my desk (did I mention it was an AmeriCorps job and so slated to end after December?), while still juggling incoming applications from one side and post-interview updates from the other.

Matter of fact, it bothered me just how many applications we took for those positions. I think it was around 20-to-1, applicants to openings, by the time we closed it off. A lot of the applications were…not that impressive, but not enough to warrant that kind of ratio. I mean, that’s a 5-10% acceptance rate (allowing that some may decline) – just on the percentage, you have a better shot of getting into an Ivy school. At least with the schools, you can be sure having a stronger application will count for something; it doesn’t quite work that way at this nonprofit, unfortunately.

Anyway, I finished my AmeriCorps term on December 18, then hopped in a car with my bro and sister-in-law (they got married in mid-September) for a long ride back to Great Lakes territory. I spent Christmas and a couple weeks in Indiana, with family, good food, and Final Fantasy IX (one of my more favorite gifts this year).

On Monday, I’ll start a brief freelance editing project – just a week or two, but they may have more in the future. Besides, I’m in no rush to take a crummy FT job – I’d rather wait for something I can like – so it’s not like I can’t spare the time for a small gig. There’s a company that needs a few folks to do some rudimentary comment editing on employee surveys from another company. I don’t have a lot of professional editing experience (despite practically majoring in “analytical writing”), so to show off, I proofread the ad they posted for the project on craigslist. Really, I couldn’t help it – that ad was crying for a good proofing. Guess my ruse worked. 🙂


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