Home hunting

I’ve been spending inordinate amounts of time the last several days staring at craigslist. That’s right, folks, it’s house-hunting time again (or apartment or room in house)!

There are some affordable studios downtown that I’m applying for, and hoping they don’t rent out before I can get my application in. But if that happens, there are one or two places up in the Highlands (more specifically, West Highland or Berkeley) that could pan out to be pretty decent, and they’re in my so far favorite part of town. They’re cheaper than the downtown apartments, too, but of course I would probably have to go with a room in a shared house for much by way of savings.

Here’s hoping for one of two of my promising prospects to pan out — I can’t get my head around which would be better, one being cheaper and in a really nice neighborhood with the best grocery store ever and the other being downtown literally on top of an awesome bookstore and a block or two from every major bus and light rail line. It’s a toss-up, so as long as the coin doesn’t land on edge, I should be good!

(A studio would be really really nice though…closest I’ve had was a single room in the dorms five years ago. Too long, that is. 😉 )


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