Note to self: You are somewhat crazy

Yesterday was one of the busier days of my life. I had scheduled 17 interviews for the two staff who are doing first-round interviews for the program that will start its next cycle in November. It’s a pretty involved process, hence the first round starting up two and a half months before the crew’s first day.

Besides scheduling their first interviews, I am making sure the applicants finish all their paperwork (there’s a fair amount) and am supervising (timing) their placement tests. The test gives us a snapshot of where the applicant is at on math, reading and language skills — i.e. whether they have any reasonable chance of finishing their GED while they’re in our program. Which we want them to do.

There are four sections to the test, timed at 5-12 minutes each; I have to keep track of where candidates are at and tell them when to go to each new section. With so many applicants, I’m often timing more than one at once, who started at different times. Minute by minute I have to have my eye on the clock and keep everyone’s times straight. Pair this with two other people asking me to do two other (detail-intensive) things, in addition to scheduling more interviews for later this week? plus taking care of callers, walk-in visitors, new applicants, and interviewees for other programs?

It gets a little confusing.

And when scheduling yesterday’s interviews, I made sure the interviewers had a break for lunch, but failed to note that I would still be timing placement tests while they went for chow — and when said tests were completed, the next wave of interviewees would start to show up.

I will not make this mistake again.


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