A nerd after my own heart: xkcd

I don’t read comics much anymore. I used to love Doonesbury and Get Fuzzy; longer ago, of course, I loved Calvin and Hobbes. When my family still subscribed to the daily newspaper, I would immediately borrow the otherwise dull section D and browse the humor page. In college, I switched to reading a comic or two on Slate, since I didn’t have a paper paper (the redundancy is merely apparent). But that habit fizzled out after a while.

A year or so ago, though, my brother found and introduced me to a couple of online comics that I now can’t resist visiting regularly (xkcd) or at least once every week or two (Dinosaur Comics). You know xkcd is going to be good when “My Hobby,” hat guy, or velociraptors are involved. I’ll find hat guy and the raptors later, but here’s a Hobby after my own heart (=left brain gone devious).


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