Paint thinner = handsoap

Today was the reprise of the Saturday a few weeks ago, when I helped my brother tear down a wall in the bathroom of his new house.

Most of the bathroom is done now — with the help of our dad, he built a wall for the shower, so he won’t need one of those annoying wrap-around shower curtains that don’t work so well anyway. And with the help of a friend of a friend, he got some absolutely gorgeous tile put up on said wall (and the preexisting one too, of course). There’s some bold orange paint on the rest of the bathroom walls now, too. I hadn’t seen it yet. When I walked in to take a look, I felt like I’d just walked into an upgraded place in Guatemala. Cool.

So at this point, a lot of what needs done is painting. I used an edger to finish up the top of a bedroom wall with mustard-yellow paint and cleaned some corners with a regular brush. And I taped off the stairs and primed the baseboard, walls, ceiling and doorframe for the stairs up from the entry to the second floor. It doesn’t sound like a lot when I write it, but it was impressively time-consuming. It took 3-4 hours overall, and then I had to scrub my hands with paint thinner to get the primer off. I still have some on my arms and clothing.

Then we went for supper, though — decided to try Il Vicino’s, a wood-oven fired pizza place close to the house we rent. Turns out we should have tried it a long time ago. It was amazing! The crust was thin, but not “thin crust” thin, and it was perfectly done. Crisp and chewable, not crunchy. The toppings were perfect – sausage, mozzarella, goat cheese, herbs, marinara, tomatoes,… Deliciousness on flat baked bread. This is true pizza.


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