Piano, continued

Just a couple of videos I want to note. The first is Anna Larsen (YouTube user ‘LarsenPiano‘) playing a Chopin Waltz. She’s another impressive pianist — and 8 years old when she played this.

If you want to see how fast Anna can play, look for her performance of Winter Wind.

The second is another from ‘ailecec‘ — I wanted to post one that I find more impressive. This was just posted today, and…wow. A hard piece in itself, but it’s impressionist (Debussy) and is highly expressive as well.

…Yeah, it cuts off a bit abruptly there.  But it was worth it, right?  I want a piano (or to work at a school so I can use theirs 😉 ) when I hear a piece like this.  It’s discouraging that what I’m capable of playing is so far below even the simple pieces these two have on their channels at YouTube, but still it makes me want to play.


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