Tea and wet bike rides

I rode up to the bicycle repair & tea shop after work yesterday.  It really is strange to stand in front of a shelf, perusing the several varieties of oolong tea (five, to be precise), while people are rolling their bikes through the foot-and-a-half gap between you and the counter.  It’s a pretty small store.

But they have a pretty standard oolong at a decent price (just below their somewhat less standard oolong at five times the price), so I bought a few ounces.  Plus, they have ginger root and licorice root; I like both; I have never seen actual licorice root on sale.  It seemed pretty cheap, too, so I got a bit of licorice to toss into the occasional mug of tea.  Mmm.  Licorice is delightful.

I didn’t ask about patch kits, though. 😉

On the way there, I had noticed some ominous clouds farther west.  Since storms come from northwest to southeast out here, it was a pretty good bet there’d be some rain along the path I ride home.  And, yes, in stylish Denver fashion, it began raining just before I left the tea (and bicycle) shop, escalated to genuine cloudburst by the time I was a mile or two from home, then began to slow.  Fifteen minutes after I walked in my house, my hair, shirt, and shorts all dripping wet, the sun was shining.

But I had my cuppa oolong.

(And truth be told, the rain felt good compared to the early afternoon swelter.)


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