Program your own radio

After three years of using iTunes and half a year owning an iPod,* I have finally begun to subscribe to podcasts. Right now, I’m listening to Cloetta Paris’ “Secret Eyes” courtesy of IndieFeed. I don’t listen to club-type songs very often, but Sweden has a way with music.

I’ve subscribed to a couple of other music podcasts (including an hour-long Irish & Celtic music cast – yes, really), but mostly I aimed at science casts, for now. There are a few of the 60-second blogs from SA, as well as their full-length program, plus the ones from Astronomy and Science Magazines. The latter is what prompted me to finally check out some podcasts, as their website requires you to register even for limited access to their articles. Program-your-own-radio, as it were, makes for an easier way to learn some of what they’re writing about.

I do like the concept. Unlike with nightly (or morning-ly) news, I can skip past the information I feel little need to keep up on, like traffic reports or excruciating details on the latest storm in the area (or somewhere across the country). And I can go straight for the stuff I’m interested in – new work in science and technology, current finds or questions in astronomy, or quirky facts about the psyche.

And I get that with less advertising, much like I already do with internet tv (thank you, Hulu). Nice.  Now we’ll see how I like them.

* You see, my gadgets and software are somewhat  behind the technological times.


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