My little dream computer

I played on Newegg today.  A modest powerhouse computer (yeah, paradoxical, I know) could cost me approximately $530 (more if they charge tax) and have the following:

Micro ATX case
400W power supply
2.8 Ghz dual-core Intel processor (65W) w/3Mb L2 cache
Micro ATX mobo with onboard video and audio, incl. fan and heatsink
250 Gb 7200 rpm hard drive with incredible ratings and a 16Mb cache
4 Gb DDR2 800 ram
DVD burner
LG 19″ LCD monitor w/10000:1 contrast, 2ms response, et plus

It’s in my Autres Choses wishlist. Oh, how I would love to build a solid computer for Terragen and Photoshop and Apophysis (more the first and third – processor power necessary for Photoshop is relatively low).

But of course, if I were really going for the dream build, it’d have 8 Gb ram, quad-core processor, 500 gb hard drive, a secondary dvd drive (for copying ease), highly upgraded vid and sound cards, and excellent 2.1 or 5.1 Altec Lansing speakers.

Oh. I should ask dad to bring my old speakers. Not great, and they buzz a bit, but they’re so much more powerful than the Sammy’s. To be expected, evidemment. I mean, they have a subwoofer. Sam just can’t compete.


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