Tech toys!

Google Earth is *awesome* – earlier, I visited Hawke’s Bay for a little bit.  I found the photo spots for Mission Estate and Craggy Range (that one’s really far from Napier! didn’t know we covered that much ground on the tour).  Didn’t find Matariki yet, though.  But hey, I could add my own photos to the mix, especially where there aren’t a lot already…I can tour all kinds of places I’ve never been.  Browse photos of Patagonia, and so forth.

Somehow Star Trek: TNG makes me nostalgic. Oh, nineties.

Today, today I – today…I sat at a desk, answered the phone a couple times, entered a room reservation and denied another, laughed too much and simultaneously recognized that it was purely fake laughter…not really even compulsive.  Just fake laughter because I didn’t have anything to say to the crew members who were talking.  Not nothing to say, but I can’t say what I really think, it’s such a noncompute even for the staff or college students here.  College students? pah – they’re community college kids, only in school because they want better pay.  They’re the same kids.  They’re the ones I read about, I’m pretty sure, on the professors’ blog.  Not necessarily the snowflakes (though I wouldn’t be surprised if they think ‘effort’ ought to raise their grades), but they’re in school and don’t give a damn about the stuff they’re learning.  Only the material benefit, never the mental.  Never the knowing, the understanding.  Never the curiousity!  I begin to hate myself for not stating my thoughts, for letting the spoiled kids think I sympathize with them when they complain about how hard or confusing the material or the tests are (really? are you kidding me? it just asked you to read a simple map).

But is there anyone else on my side?  K—, perhaps, but he doesn’t have to deal with the GED students every day.  He gets to work with the likes of crazy S—, and would-be-radical C—, and…them, in general.  The few who like (or don’t disdain) intelligence.  (sigh)  So alone.  Alone can be good, but … choosing alone, not alone in a crowd.  I never liked that kind of isolation.


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