First post.  Let’s see if it requires me to have a title on the post, or how it looks if I don’t.

This will be a new attempt at a journal for me.  Seems like I’m often better at ranting excessively if I’m typing instead of writing.  Writing, while I prefer it, takes longer and requires going and finding a notebook and a pen that works, and being away from anywhere where someone could just glance and see it if I leave it sitting.  WordPress, on the other hand, allows me to make the journal or parts of it private and prevent them being spidered, etc.  Good.

Btw, my space bar has gone funky.  The left side doesn’t really work…kind of sticks.  Hrm.  Annoying.

Also I like the domain.  Cheesy if you know how I named it, and not the concept of its pair that I prefer (too violent…), but it sounds so dang cool.

[edit: I added a title because the template doesn’t know what to make of a titleless link…unlike blogger, which just takes the first line.]


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